Author Reflections

Here the collaborators reflect on the process of creating a Wikipedia--the fun, the frustrations, the feelings of accomplishment.

I think the wiki was a success, but there should've been a predetermined sitemap so that there wouldn't be all these duplicate pages and confusing links.

"The computers in the Guidance office were incredibly annoying, and I disliked getting my changes erased over, especially when several people were editing a page at once. Perhaps different wikis for the classes would have been appropriate, as well as having an administrator to make sure peoples changes don't get erased over. If you do this again, try and get into the LMC; changes wouldn't even save on the guidance computers..."

I actually learned more than I thought I would. This is a great idea and more teachers should adapt this method to help the student learn more but in a fun and creative way.

I got pretty annoyed with the computers in guidance, because they didn't have the scrolly roller on the mouse. Also, we should just come up with a way to keep the navigation bar and KEEP IT THAT WAY. This was fun, though. :)

"Great idea, but not so great execution. Each class should have had its own space. Every time we come on we have to find all of our stuff again because the other class has changed it. Also, the guidance computers are the worst I've seen, well, ever. The idea of a wikispace is great, it lets the students actually see what others are working on in an environment that is relaxed and virtually pressure free, and not to mention, it is pretty fun. It would have worked better if it had been a tad bit more thought out and prepared for..."

"The wiki could have been effective if someone had been monitoring what was put up. A fair amount of information on here is from unreliable sources, or repeated in another section of the wiki. The wiki would work better with better supervision."

"Forget you and your cranky badittude Ms. Sassypants above me! And don't even delete this you first amendment destroyers!"
"To the person above me the puritans didn't believe in the first amendment so you can kiss your comment good bye"

"Yo this project was tha catz pajamaz. Y'all can really rock that wikispaces with a swagger."

"Internet+a pile of high school students with opinions and stuff= trouble, but also some hahaha, fun, and learning double. And that's the truth, Ruth."

"One thing I learned doing this project is that unity, and teamwork are hard to come by. It probably would have been easier for us all to start accusing each other of being witches. There would be trials, imprisonments and hangings and maybe eventually there would only be one of us standing. This person could go and make a well organized wikispace with far less frustration of everything being deleted and argued over, but that wikispace would be really boring. Instead we chose to try to work together and you know we might have failed miserably at times, but at least it was interesting and exciting. "

The idea is awesome. I think the wiki site itself needs some help because its really hard to format things all the same when you add something to a page that has already been started. But thats not really our fault. Its really frustrating to work on this site though because its so hard to format and once you get it done a lot of times it will dissappear either because someone deletes it or you were editing a page at the same time as someone else and your stuff doesn't get saved. I have had to add some things multiple times and its super annoying. i think two separate pages for the classes might help.

I thought this project was a lot of fun. it turned out to be quite difficult with so many people editing the page, each with their own ideas on how it should be done, but i think all in all it turned out to be a good educational tool and i learned a lot.

This project was a lot of work. I sincerely hope it is worth more points than first assigned!

I, Madeline Shnowske, do agree that the process of making this wiki was a bit of a mess for some. However, I also believe that the final product is way fly, and I had a lot of fun working on it and actually learned quite a bit. Everyone's pages are both informative and interesting, and I learned a lot about the skills and awesomeness of the kids my own class as well as 1st hour.

I think that this project was really fun because it got us out of the classroom and actually working on something that can help other people while at the SAME TIME teaching us the things that we were researching...but at the same time it could have been more organized~heather

Wow, the Wiki project was so fun. It also seems so much more interesting and intuitive than a textbook. The only thing I didn't like about this project was that when two people were editing a page at the same time, you had to discard one person's work. The final product, however, is something to be proud of.