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A "Crucible" Movie Poster
A "Crucible" Movie Poster
The Crucible
Film Review

"A wonderful thing a film can be. It can display meaning, emotion, and beauty. It can move, empower, or in The Crucible's case, it can do nothing. The Crucible stands as a wonderful metaphor for the red scare witch hunts, but in a post-McCarthyism world, a movie must rely on more than an outdated metaphor to hold an audience. One would assume that the next level of enjoyment of a film would be the symbolism. But as The Crucible had no real thought provoking symbolism, one looks next to the acting. If it wasn't for Daniel Day Lewis, this movie would have no talent and would not make it pass the executive producer. This film shows that Daniel Day Lewis can truly hold a movie on his own and that he truly is a versatile actor, showing true emotion in his 'god is dead' scene, which I'm sure film study classes will be discussing for ages. The next tier of the movie was its sappy cinematography. I recall a beautiful scene in which Daniel Day Lewis and that woman stand mystically on the cliff overlooking the Cape Cod Bay. That scene perfectly captures the spirit of the film--cheesy cinematography, wannabe-pretentious swelling violin, and Daniel Day Lewis giving another moving speech. Like that scene, this film was beautiful in that it showed us that film could only improve, and it has since done so. Directors have since learned to create their own style instead of demonstrating a cliched style of the '90s. We are no longer forced to watch the failed attempts of directors to look mature, and for that we can all thank The Crucible."
- Chris Kuech ~ Untitled: A Crucible Film Review ~ more reviews at //

"..."The Crucible" finally seems too schematic, more useful as an allegory than as drama, and possibly owing that undoubted popularity to its simplistic qualities as much as its insights into group psychology. "
- Kenneth Turan- see the full review here

"...I had tears streaming down my face when the film ended."
- Teen Ink Review-

"...``The Crucible'' is a drama of ideas, but they seem laid on top of the material, not organically part of it."
-Roger Ebert- full review at

"The movie version of Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” probably should have gone straight to DVD, or VHS. The added scenes took away from the mystery of the play, the costumes and music were horrible and the acting of the vast majority of the characters was about on par with day time soap..."
Andy Carter** ~ from The Crucible: Straight to DVD

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